The MIKRON model is 100 mm traffic light with excellent visibility, that stands out for its revolutionary and daring design of smooth rounded shapes and flat profile without visor. It is specially built to house LED modules in the smallest possible space, being one of the few traffic lights in the market that strictly complies with the current accessibility regulations.

Main features:

Housing made in U.V. stabilized polycarbonate, bulk coloured and self-extinguishable.
Extra-flat design (depth of 85 mm) without visor and without protruding edges.
Allows the use of Ø100 mm LED optics (which are special for the MIKRON model).
Modular system that allows the assembling of different modules.
Smoked anti-reflective external front lense.
Standard supply voltage: 230Vac, 110Vac, 42Vac, 24Vac and 24Vdc. Others on demand.
Standard housing colours: yellow, black and grey. Others on demand.
Allows the customization of the LED modules: bike, pedestrian or cross-arrow.
Front door locking system with screws. Includes water-tightness sealing.
Manufactured according to the standard EN 12368.