The PAS-S9 model is an acoustic system for visually impaired people, integrated into the S9 traffic light model from TACSE (together with the green pedestrian LED module), thus avoiding the need to install an extra traffic light housing. It is activated by push button or by wireless remote control.

Main features:

On demand activation via wireless remote control.
Equipped with two outdoor loudspeakers fully integrated in traffic light housing.
Possibility to select between different “allowed to pass” sounds (green pedestrian phase).
Includes “end-of-pass” sound (flashing green pedestrian phase).
The fastening system and the wiring is included with the product.

Key advantages:

Acoustic system for visually impaired, fully integrated in S9 traffic light.
Wireless synchronization between Pas-S9 devices without the need for extra cables.
Allows a considerable reduction in time and cost of installation and maintenance.
Allows the reduction of noise as it operates only when necessary.
It is not necessary to install any additional electronics inside the signal head.
It is not necessary to install additional loudspeakers to direct sound towards the junction.
Possibility to integrate the Pas-S9 in LED modules with different pictograms.

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