The LEDSENS model is a traffic light specially designed to give information on free-flow tolls without barriers, although it could also be a good option for access control and guidance in parking and loading docks. Its main characteristic is that it adapts its luminous intensity completely autonomously to the level of ambient light, thanks to the incorporation of a light sensor in the lower part of the traffic light.

Main features:

2 aspect polycarbonate or aluminium traffic light.
Standard housing colours: yellow, black, grey or green. Other colours on demand.
Standard supply voltage: 24Vdc. Other voltages on demand.
LED modules: white cross, green cross. Other colours and pictograms on demand.
Manufactured according to EN 12368.

Key advantages:

Significant saving in energy consumption.
Good visibility even with low sun.
Reduces glare to drivers.
Reduces the phantom effect of traffic lights.
Significant improvement of road safety.
Completely autonomous solution.
It is fully configurable by the customer.
Very fast response time.

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