The ATILED model is the most complete version of the pedestrian push buttons manufactured by TACSE. It is a vandal-proof push button made of aluminium, which allows to display up to 2 messages illuminated by LED technology of high brightness and low consumption. It is available in different colours and it is possible to customize the messages. Its use greatly improves the safety of pedestrian crossings, as illuminated messages help users to locate them more easily. When the button is pressed (and after a few seconds) the traffic light changes to red giving pedestrians enough time to cross. The ATILED model is a reliable solution with attractive design and very good performance.

Main features:

Possibility to display up to 2 messages illuminated by LED. Possibility to customize LED messages on demand (languages, colours and designs). Ergonomic and functional design. Vandal-proof construction with internal reinforcement. Made of cast aluminium. Coating (painted) in powder polyester polymerized at 230 °C. Easy installation and maintenance. Ingress Protection Degree: IP55.

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