The KRONOS model is a dynamic countdown LED module in 200 mm. diameter (or 200×200 mm. square format). It is normally used to show the remaining time for the different traffic light phases (red-green pedestrians or red-green vehicles), but it could be also used in any other applications where we want to give information of a remaining time. The KRONOS model works as an independent LED module and therefore it is installed as a third aspect when it needs to work in combination of pedestrian traffic lights.

Main features:

Standard countdown: 2 digits (0-99). Optional: up to 3 digits (0-199).
2 possible modes of operation for time interval set up: stand alone (self-learning) or fixed.
Standard LED colours: yellow or white (to avoid confusion with pedestrian). Others on demand.
Standard input voltage: 230Vac, 120Vac, 42Vac. Other input voltages on demand.
Possibility to choose between clear or smoked front lense.
Circuits segmented in parallel to increase signal safety.
Ingress Protection: IP65.
Manufactured according to EN 12368 standard.

Key advantages:

Low consumption and high brightness.
Available in round (200 mm.) and square (200×200 mm.) versions.
On request, it allows the integration with the acoustic devices for visually impaired people.

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