The KRONOS DUO model is a dual LED module in 200 mm. diameter (or 200×200 mm. square format) that is able to show a countdown display and a pedestrian symbol alternatively. The combination of LED colours is done in such a way that the LED module with the green pedestrian includes the red countdown, and the LED module with the red pedestrian includes the green countdown. Therefore, it is only necessary to use a two aspects traffic light to show the remaining time of the the red pedestrian and the green pedestrian cycle.

Main features:

Standard countdown: 2 digits (0-99). Optional: up to 3 digits (0-199).
2 possible modes of operation for time interval set up: stand alone (self-learning) or fixed.
Standard countdown LED colours: red and green (alternated with the pedestrian LED colours).
Standard input voltage: 230Vac, 120Vac, 42Vac. Other input voltages on demand.
Possibility to choose between clear or smoked front lense.
Circuits segmented in parallel to increase signal safety.
Ingress Protection: IP65.
Manufactured according to EN 12368 standard.

Key advantages:

The integration of countdown and pedestrian avoids the use of a third extra aspect.
Low consumption and high brightness.
Available in round (200 mm.) and square (200×200 mm.) versions.
On request, it allows the integration with the acoustic devices for visually impaired people.

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