Within the LED modules manufactured by TACSE there is also the SPLENDOR model, which uses high power LEDs and provides a uniform (non-pixelated) signal. This is due to the placement of a Fresnel lens inserted between the LEDs and the outer lens. In addition, this solution allows to add add a black mask between the front lens and the Fresnel, so that different pictograms can be displayed.

Main features:

Central light source consisting of a set of high power LEDs.
Intermediate Fresnel lens as a concentrator of the light emitted by the LEDs.
Coloured exterior lens with engraving that allows uniform distribution of light.
Manufactured in black polycarbonate (body) and coloured polycarbonate (front lense).
High directionality of light: increases visibility even at longer distances.
Robust hard coated polycarbonate front lens: provides efficient protection against impact.
Completely sealed module: ensures a high level of environmental protection (IP 65).
Large variety of available pictograms (pedestrian, bike, arrows and others).
Possibility of offering special pictograms on customer demand.
Available in standard red, amber and blueish green colours. Others on demand.
Standard supply voltage: 230Vac and 42Vac. Others on demand.
Optional smoked front lens for a more uniform exterior aesthetic.
2 operating modes: normal (100% brightness) and dimming (65%).
Manufactured according to EN 12368 standard.

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