The REPEATER PC model is a classic 100 mm diameter traffic light, adapted to LED technology, which is entirely made of polycarbonate. The REPEATER PC is equipped with vandal-proof reinforcement and can be installed using 1 or 2 support arms in polycarbonate, or fixing it directly to the pole with screws.

Main features:

Housing made in U.V. stabilized polycarbonate, bulk coloured and self-extinguishable.
Modular system that allows the assembling of different modules.
Lenses in U.V. stabilized polycarbonate and self-extinguishable.
Includes vandal-proof internal reinforcement.
Standard supply voltage: 230Vac, 110Vac, 42Vac, 24Vac and 24Vdc. Others on demand.
Allows the use of Ø100 mm LED optics.
Standard housing colours: yellow, black and grey. Others on demand.
Allows the customization of the LED modules: bike, pedestrian or cross-arrow.
Front door locking system with screws. Includes water-tightness sealing.
Manufactured according to the standard EN 12368

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