The S9 is a traffic light model from TACSE that stands out for its attractive and innovative design. It is characterized by its flat front lense without visor and its elegant and rounded lines. Although the best is hidden inside. The S9 model is made of polycarbonate and it is fully modular. In addition, its internal structure is formed by an aluminium core that provides the complete housing a higher mechanical resistance to impact and wind. This structure allows the integration of metal signs on its upper part, thus reducing the visual impact of this elements in the city.

Main features:

External housing made in U.V. stabilized polycarbonate, bulk coloured and self-extinguishable.
Internal structure made in aluminium (SPINE system patented by TACSE).
Fully modular system. Allows to turn every module independently.
Available LED modules: 5 mm type (PIL) or high power type (SPLENDOR).
Easy-to-change system for the LED modules. Reduces installation and maintenance cost.
Standard supply voltage: 230Vac, 110Vac, 42Vac, 24Vac and 24Vdc. Others on demand.
Standard housing colours: yellow, black and grey. Others on demand.
Certification according to EN 12368 standard.

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