The SBA / SBE are luminous and acoustic signals for railway level crossings with barriers. They differ in that the signals of the type SBA (automatic semi-barrier) are located in rail roads outside train stations, whereas the ones of the type SBE (located semi-barrier) are located in a train station. They are installed at intersections between urban or interurban roads with railways (oriented towards vehicles), and usually four units are placed per level crossing (two in each direction of the road). In essence they are formed by two red LED signals heads in diameter 200 mm and an acoustic signal.

Main features:

The signal is based on a metallic mast of 2256 mm high including a fixing plate for anchorage.
Includes a double support arm at the end of the pole, for installation of 2 signal heads.
Each signal head includes a Red colour LED module in Ø200 mm.
Each signal head includes a contrast panel and the corresponding visors.
Possibility of including acoustic signal to reinforce security.
Possibility of including a special bolt on each signal head for the placement of lock.
Standard colour for the pole: grey (RAL 7000). Others on demand.
Standard colour for the signal head: black. Others on demand.
According to the Spanish railway Standard ADIF ET 03.365.521.8.

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