The SMART KRONOS DUO model is similar to the KRONOS DUO model, in the sense that it integrates Pedestrian symbols (red or green) with Countdowns in the same LED module. But unlike this one, which has a fixed-time or “self-learning” countdown, the SMART KRONOS DUO is able to interact in real time with existing traffic infrastructures and with other devices, which allows to offer a great number of new functionalities in line with the Smart City concept.

Main features:

Control, adjustment and programming via PLC (Power Line Communications).
Standard countdown: 2 digits (0-99). Optional: up to 3 digits (0-199).
2 possible modes of operation for time interval set up: stand alone (self-learning) or fixed.
Standard countdown LED colours: red and green (alternated with the pedestrian LED colours).
Standard input voltage: 230Vac, 120Vac, 42Vac. Other input voltages on demand.
Possibility to choose between clear or smoked front lense.
Circuits segmented in parallel to increase signal safety.
Ingress Protection: IP65.
Manufactured according to EN 12368 standard.

Key advantages:

Ability to monitor the real-time operation of the optics.
Ability to monitor and control parameters such as consumption or brightness of the LEDs.
The integration of countdown and pedestrian avoids the use of a third extra aspect.
Low consumption and high brightness.
Available in round (200 mm.) and square (200×200 mm.) versions.
On request, it allows the integration with the acoustic devices for visually impaired people.


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