The TA AL model is almost the same as the TA PC model, with the only difference that it is made of aluminium. Therefore, it shares with the TA PC the majority of characteristics, being a semaphore of classic design and reliability demonstrated over the years, but adapted to the technology LED. It includes visor and is compatible with a wide range of accessories: columns, supports, contrast panels and pedestrian push-buttons. The TA AL is a good option when what is sought is a versatile traffic light of very good quality, but manufactured entirely in aluminium.

Main features:

Manufactured in aluminium with dust polyester paint coating polymerized at 230ºC.
Modular system that allows the assembling of modules of different diameters: 200 and 300 mm.
Front door locking system with screw..
Includes orientable visor.
Available LED modules: 5 mm type (PIL) or high power type (SPLENDOR).
Easy-to-change system for LED modules (FlexiLED). Reduces installation and maintenance cost.
Standard supply voltage: 230Vac, 110Vac, 42Vac, 24Vac and 24Vdc. Others on demand.
Standard housing colours: yellow, black and grey. Others on demand.
Certification according to EN 12368 standard.

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