Traffic Lights

Very wide range of models available in different materials, colours and sizes. They stand out for its design, reliability and ease of installation.

LED Modules

Low consumption and high visibility LED modules. Available in Ø100, Ø200, 200×200 (square) and Ø300, including a wide range of symbols.

Countdown LED Modules

Countdown display in individual or dual format (alternating with pedestrians). Different voltages and LED colours. Available in round or square version.

Traffic Light Accesories

Wide range of products and complements that help with the installation of traffic lights. Available in different sizes, materials and finishes.

Pedestrian Push Buttons

High resistant vandal proof push buttons manufactured in aluminum. 2 versions available: compact (ATICOM) and LED illuminated (ATILED).

Traffic Control Cabinets

Enclosures for electrical and electronic equipment, and for road or rail traffic applications. In galvanized steel, aluminium or stainless steel. Customized designs.

Accoustic Devices for Blind People

Solutions that are integrated within the different traffic light models to improve the accessibility and safety of the visually impaired.

Special Traffic Lights

Traffic lights that arise from the integration of signaling elements with urban furniture to offer original and innovative solutions.

Traffic Lights with Autonomous Dimming

It allows the traffic lights to independently adapt their luminous intensity to the existing ambient light level, improving their consumption and avoiding glare.

LED Variable Message Signs

Manufactured in LED technology, designed for road and railway traffic. Wide range of standard panels and development of customized solutions.

Railway Level Crossing Signals

Signals designed to ensure the safety of railway level crossings without barriers  (SLA), with barriers (SBA/SBE) and pedestrian signals (SLP).